Juices: apple, quince, crabapple


Our apple juice, when available,  is made from our whole, fresh-picked apples (no windfalls). Absolutely no additives. Our apple juice is brown due to suspended apple; a clear apple juice generally means clarifying agents have been added and most of the nutrients have been removed.

The frozen version  when available is  in 2-litre plastic bottles at $7.00.  It is  UV (ultra-violet light) cold pasteurized (like Victoria’s piped water system is treated) by Phil’s Farm on Oldfield Road. Thaw, shake and enjoy. You might even want to add some ice cubes and a little water in the glass, as it is that concentrated.


If you have fruit trees and a surplus of apples and a freezer, Phil does custom juicing, if you have at least 100 pounds (that’s only perhaps four paper grocery bags full).    The juicing season is Sept through early Nov.