Usually available in October.  $2.00 / lb.  We suggest that you call us before visiting 250-514-9400 or if you are nearby, look for our sign at the gate.

Quince are a distinct yellow, slightly fuzzy,  pear-shaped fruit. They are neither apple nor pear but an entirely different fruit. We sometimes  have some frozen juice which could be used to add to apple juice or to make jelly; we do not have juice this year.  The quince season is mostly October.   We do not store fruit so do not have any out of season.

Hard and astringent, attractive odor …. rarely eaten out of hand but made into jelly, jam (less effort than jelly), baked, used in chutney, a paste with cheese etc. They are normally processed by simply chopping them up …you don’t have to bother to peel,  core them or remove the seeds unless you prefer to do so. Process like you would make crabapple or other jellies. Google “quince recipes”. If you make jelly you will want to include this one, either pure or mixed with crabapple or something else. Mixed with apple they enhance an “apple” pie.

We are told that 3 1/2 lbs of quince with 7 cups of water make about 4-6 cups of jelly; about 6 1/2 8 oz jars.

For some unknown reason about half the crop develop distinct splits. Since you will usually be just chopping them up that is no problem, except that they do not keep more than a day or two without developing decay along the splits, which then has to be cut out during processing. We generally sell split ones for about 1/2 price; select splits from the bins and leave 1.00/ lb ). A bargain if you are going to process them within a day or two.