Other Fruits, including figs, crabapples, kiwi, and berries

We list these for possible future reference.  Nothing is available this year.

Rhubarb:   Sometimes in late summer.

Figs.   Desert King (green type) figs in late August and early September.  It is the best variety for ripening in our climate.   About 5-6 figs per lb. Some people like them soft, and a few like them just “dripping” with juice. They can be frozen but then they’re best for putting on desserts such as ice cream. They ripen progressively so it’s best to drop by and see what we have.  You can contact us and indicate how many figs or pounds and approximately when you can make it out here and we’ll contact you. 250-514-9400.  But we can’t guarantee anything.  You can select them from the fridge on our porch.

We do not have any figs left this year

Plums:   We  have some Italian prune plums in some years.  These are finished now.

Dolgo crabapples: Dolgo are small, deep red crabapples, slightly sweet but tart flavour. When the dolgos are finished try the hyslop variety.

Dolgos  are the earliest of our two varieties. Some people like these because the jelly is slightly pink in color but we think the flavor of the jelly of both crabapples is similar. The hyslop variety is larger and is available in late August and September. It’s best to call us to reserve some: 250-514-9400.

Hyslop crabapples: They are a large (compared to the dolgo crabapples), yellow and red crabapple. Generally available in September. They make excellent juice for jelly. We occasionally have some frozen crabapple juice, however. It would be advisable to contact us so that we can insure that a bag or box containing the quantity you want is set aside for you, as they seem to keep better when left on the tree.

Pears: Josephine de Malines & Flemish beauty, and oriental pears.

Sour cherries: Sorry, the birds usually beat us to it. We may be adding more trees as they do make good cherry pies. If you are interested contact us and we’ll put you on our list for next year.

Blueberries.  Occasionally we have blueberries.  When you come for apples, check out the fridge on the porch.

Blackberries.   Occasionally.

Rhubarb.  In the spring, May-June

Honey: We do not have honey available now. We will post here if and when we have it in the future.

Note: If you want to inquire about favorite varieties call or e-mail us as if we are in short supply of some of the more unusual varieties. We may not even announce their availability on the website.