At Blue Haze  in Metchosin we offer fruit sales.    This site was last updated in Aug 2020. HOWEVER, WE NOW HAVE NO MORE APPLES.   Frozen apple juice  $7.00 /2 litre . CHECK WITH THIS WEBSITE OR 250-516-6921
Note Note Note   *************We  leave the following information on the website for the current and future years   The information does not necessarily apply to NOW, in the current year  ********. 
 IN SEASON, we specialize in many varieties of fruit, some of which never normally reach stores. None of our apples are treated and  stored, so they are only available in the growing season. They are not waxed or otherwise treated. No pesticides are applied to the fruit. Apple varieties which were, are  or will be available are: yellow transparent, summer red, gravenstein, wealthy, spartan, MacIntosh, yellow delicious, red delicious, jonagold, melrose, mutsu, coxes, king, gala, northern spy, winter banana, fuji, elstar, bramleys (an English cooking apple). We have two varieties of crabapples (dolgo & hyslop) which make great jelly; both varieties are now no longer available this season. Also, we will have quince (which  look like a yellow pear), which also make a great jelly. And in May, we have rhubarb and later, off and on, we have blueberries, blackberries, plums and figs. Nothing but apples and later, quince,  now.  We have some of the standard apple varieties like McIntosh and spartan but we specialize in odd or old varieties than never make it to the supermarket … this is an opportunity to try some of them.We have over 400 fruit trees but some years some varieties refuse to co-operate and we get very few of them. One year in the past, and this year, we lost almost every fig (to starlings) just before ripening. Now most of the fig trees are caged.
However, when available we will have frozen, ultra-violet (cold) pasteurized apple juice.
We DO NOT offer U-Pick.
We do NOT sell fruit or holly trees.
We DO NOT offer U-Pick.
We do NOT sell fruit or
 holly  trees.
We DO NOT juice apples
for people.